I'm back doods

2015-03-17 04:01:11 by MrLaggyBoy

Sooooooo...... I've been like non existing for A LOT of time, sorry about that lovely 9 fans and people who occasionally know that I exist. Here's why, so I worked on a magazine in wich I first started selling publicity to people; it wasn't my thing at all and I tried working as a graphic designer aaaaaaaaaaaaand it sucked balls, you know, shitty salary, too much work, and the worst, I couldn't properly attend my school and of course THIS, it is yust the friggin worst when you can't yust do what you love for the most </3. Don't worry I'm not being as stupid as I was taking that job again.

One of the things I've been working on:



Updating... not so much

2014-05-24 02:28:54 by MrLaggyBoy

Hey doods, I've been occupied and playing League of Legends. And with ocuupied I mean TRYING TO BE DONE WITH SCHOOL, OMFG. This last two weeks I have been tortured with big amounts of work and stuff, so yeeeeeh I've been wanting to read books, do art, play video games, and do lots of stuff... but omg school.

So here's what I've been working on:


I'm also writting a storyboard for a animated short, so on vacations I'll be getting stuff done.

HAI loved 3 fans of me... yeah 3 c:

My HDD died and I didn't have PC for a while, BUT I'M BACK BITCHES! #nobodycares

I got nothing really of importance to talk about, but talking about NG I really liked it. It's lovely to see people actually care about the stuff you do. I mean I got Deviant Art and guess what? I barely get a friggin' comment and, DUDE! some times I barely got 20 veiws on my art, my most viewed is a LoL super crappy fan art EVEN IF IT HAS 700 VIEWS. It's yust like here you get recognized by your work, your actual ideas, meanwhile in D-A most popular artists are one of two, peple that does fan art or polemic shit....or HENTAI <-----(yeah I bet my ass your eye got caught my that word) So yeah D-A SUCKS FAT D.

Here's an advantage of my newest art work. I'm a little bit drunk BTW